Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure

If you want to have a fabulous long-lasting and chip-resistant manicure and pedicure, our qualified manicurists will help you. Our salon offers not only ordinary manicure and pedicure but also healing manicure (for example, Japanese one with painting nails with ordinary varnish or gel varnish.  Our clients will be satisfied and happy with a nice nail designed manicure and pedicure!



Manicure with polish20€
Manicure without polish18€
French Manicure22€
Manicure for children (up to 10 y.o)15€
Manicure for men20€
Nail polish10€
Nail polish remove4€
Hardware manicure18€
Japanese manicure25€
Hot oil manicure25€
Paraffin +manicure25€
Paraffin Treatment20€
Manicure + Gel polish 25€
French Manicure with gel polish 27€
Gel polish removal10€
Gel nails 40€
Gel nails Maintenance30€
French Gel Nails45€
French Gel Nails Maintenance27€
Gel nails removal15€
Gel nails removal + Manicure25€
One nail fixing3.50€
Nail polish with gel30€


Pedicure with nail polish32€
French Pedicure35€
Pedicure for men 35€
Kids pedicure (up to 12 y.o)22€
Kids pedicure with nail polish (up to 12 y.o)25€
Medical pedicure35€
Hardware pedicure30€
Pedicure Clearance40€
Pedicure with gel polish 37€
Gel polish French Pedicure40€
Pedicure with gel 40€
French pedicure with gel44€
Nail polish removal4€
Gel polish removal10€
Gel remove10€
Cold Paraffin treatment + pedicure40€
Cold Paraffin treatment16€
Design nails (1 nail)2€